Facebook Vs Twitter

What’s the value of a social follower? And does a fan on one platform, and their actions therein, have more value than that of another?

It’s a contentious issue. Moreover, are fans acquired by a promotional campaign, such as Facebook cost per click (CPC), less valuable than those who are attracted organically?

Tapping into the latest research, Imbue Marketing have taken a closer look at the value of social following in this attractive infographic.

Key takeaways include:

  • 47 percent of customers are somewhat more likely to purchase from a brand that they follow or Like
  • 63 percent of companies say social media has increased the effectiveness of their marketing
  • A share on Facebook is the most highly-prized action in social media, with a value of $14, ahead of a Facebook Like ($8), Twitter tweet ($5) and Twitter follow ($2)
  • Moreover, Facebook fans are cheaper to recruit via a promotional campaign, with an average cost per Like (ALWAYS the key metric, as opposed to straight CPC) of $1.07
  • Meanwhile, a cost per follower on Twitter is a somewhat heady $2.50-4.00
By sultanhaider